There’s more to us than low cost serviced offices in Winchester.

Here at Hampshire Workspace, we know about running a small to medium business, because we are one. Unlike the chains of office blocks run by managers, we understand how it feels to face the challenges of beginning with small resources and the problems that come with expansion. We know about the inevitable failures along the way to success. We know the thrill of being your own boss.
If you want to start or grow a business, having a low cost serviced office at a prestigious address in Winchester is a good first step. But you’ll need to know about marketing, sales, accounts and much more to succeed. We offer help and so too do the following.

Useful Websites for Start Ups and Small Businesses

This excellent, easy-to-use site has everything from sample forms and templates to helpful articles on a multitude of subjects. See also the companion sites and

New York-based site with useful tools and tips for running a small business

US site with a huge amount of ideas and how-to’s for start-ups, growth, finance, marketing and technology

Many articles on starting up, finance, accounts, marketing and IT

A site with its finger on the pulse of small businesses in the UK. If you’ve got a concern or a thought, this site’s contributing entrepreneurs probably have too.

Practical advice on all aspects of running a small business in the UK

American website with a huge number of tips and resources on starting and growing a business.

Practical tips on how to market a small business

Startup School

A series of videos with practical advice for entrepreneurs from the legendary Seth Godin

Hampshire Business Directory

This is a joint venture by Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Chamber Of Commerce. The link is to a page listing available advice and support.

Helpful Organisations for Start Ups and Small Businesses in Winchester

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

A long established source of help and support. Members also benefit from networking occasions.

Winchester Business Improvement District

The team are there to help any business in Winchester centre to save money and grow

Inspirational Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Seth Godin

He can seem quirky and hippy-like but his track record of success speaks for itself as an entrepreneur who understands the digital world and its implications for business. He writes a daily blog full of wit and wisdom.

Richard Branson

The elder statesman of entrepreneurs and still enthusiastic. This is a blog with plenty of advice and anecdotes from someone who has been prepared to take risks and fail on the way to billion pound success.

Small Business

The blog is written by various experts who know exactly what concerns small businesses in the UK.

Tom Peters

It’s 30 years since Tom Peters wrote In Search Of Excellence and was recognised as one of the leading business thinkers. He still knows his stuff.

Penelope Trunk

As the founder of a number of startups, she’s been there, she knows what’s what and she writes about it with clarity and humour.

Church Of The Customer

Jackie Huba and Ted McConnell bring us stories of success and failure from the world of business and the lessons to be learned.

Scott Adams

The creator of the Dilbert strip cartoon also writes a funny, thought-provoking blog about business.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch’s helpful advice on marketing on a budget conveyed with knowledge and enthusiasm.